Long Distance Loving

Hotel Rooms & New Places

For me, the best part about being in a relationship is constantly finding new ways to have fun with my guy. He’s in Waltham, MA and I’m in the Bronx, NY so most of our relationship is digital over text messages, phone calls, and FaceTimes. I get to see him every two or three weeks (which feels like forever, btw) but when he’s here we always try to make the most of our time together.

My boyfriend recently came to visit last week and stayed for the weekend. We’ve been to hotels and Airbnbs in the past and I’ve always wanted to highlight the places we get to stay at. This time, we were at Four Points by Sheraton in Long Island City.

I forgot to take pics when we walked in, but the interior is modern and clean. The service was quick and easy with no delays. However, there is only one person at the front desk so checking out was unnecessarily lengthy because there was someone in front of us trying to check in.

The bed was pretty comfy and was close to a big window that overlooks some neighboring buildings. I love sun drenched rooms in the morning so the location of this specific room was perfect for us as well.

We’ve got a running joke scoring the bathrooms at the places we’re at. I don’t remember how it started but the bathroom is usually the first place we check when we arrive. The bathroom here was a little too close to the bed in the living area and the toiletries looked cheap. However, it was very clean, well lit,  and the walk in shower with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispensers added a nice touch.


We also loveee to order in when we’re together. Sometimes we’ll go out for lunch or dinner but staying in and eating together is more fun because we get to just be ourselves and not disrupt anyone. Four Points also offers a decently priced breakfast service that we took advantage of the morning we had to check-out. I had eggs with sausage and home fries. My boyfriend had pancakes with bacon. The home fries were the best, both well seasoned and delicious.

Overall, we had a really lovely stay. The next time I get to see him will be during Valentine’s Day weekend. This hotel was on the list of places I’d like to stay at that weekend, but we ended up booking at Aloft Long Island City – Manhattan View instead. I’m so excited I get to keep experiencing these new places with him.

This will always be my favorite thing about being in a relationship. There’s always something to look forward to when I get to see him. It’s true what they say… distance does make the heart grow fonder.