Billion Dollar Brows: Eyebrows on Fleeky Glitz

There are so many beauty trends, and I always feel like I am 1,000 trends behind. You should have seen the look on my face when Billion Dollar Brows told me they had a product that creates “sexy, sparkling brows.” The ‘sexy’ part I get. I love Billion Dollar Brows products. See my previous review of their brow kit here.  But ‘sparkling’? I mean, I’m just finally getting my eyebrows to a point where they are on fleek. This whole ‘sparkling’ business felt like a curveball to my beauty routine. But I sort of beauty, and that also means that I sort of always find new products interesting. So, I tried it out.

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No Makeup Update: Day 10

I know on day 7 I said everything was going smoothly, but it’s now day 10 of this ‘No Makeup Challenge‘ and I’m getting a bit restless. I’m 33% of the way there but it feels like an eternity away. I’ve been examining my face more closely and I’ve noticed some quirks that I never paid any attention to – like my eyebrows. One is a bit larger than the other and I realized that they have never ever been equal in size. Eyebrows in general are just strange to me. They’re just 2 patches of hair sitting on top of my eyes that serve no purpose. Maybe the Japanese were onto something years ago when they shaved off all their eyebrows. I don’t know. I also have really weird eyelashes. They lack a natural curl that I desire. Instead, they are pin straight and make my eyes look smaller than they actually are. I think this is why I am currently having makeup withdrawals. I love using mascara to open up my eyes and make them pop…even though my boyfriend thinks my eyes look the same with or without it. Mind you, this is the same person who dared me to do this challenge. Boys – they just don’t get it.

photoHere’s my NO MAKEUP: DAY 10 PHOTO

On the upside, my skin is also starting to look a bit better. I had one or two blemishes under my chin before I started this challenge but they are lightening up as the days go by…so that’s a relief. The bags and dark circles under my eyes are also clearing up a bit. With the combination of no makeup, lots of water, and sufficient sleep, I think my face… and body are thanking me.

One of the reasons why I am enjoying this challenge is because it has made me feel better about myself. It’s refreshing to know that I can walk outside and feel comfortable enough in my own skin to not want to cover it up with products. We are most beautiful in our natural state and I embrace that. It’s helping me get through this challenge. But every once in a while, I crack. I’m only human. I’ll see someone in the street with flawless makeup and it’ll make me want to run back home and unload my makeup stash. I just miss the creativeness of being able to try new looks and personalizing each one. I’ve completed 33% of this challenge so far. I’m so close to the finish line.