Power Brows. Yes, That’s A Thing

I have always wanted eyebrows shaped like Megan Fox’s – sleek, slim, and arched to perfection. That’s what I call “power brows.” My brows, however, are not perfectly sculpted. I’m still trying to figure out what shape fits my face best. Purposely, I have always neglected my brows and avoided including them in my makeup routine. I guess you could say that I’m fearful of coloring/filling them in too thick or shaping them oddly. Isn’t that a fear that every woman has? I was relieved when I received a little help from Billion Dollar Brows. BDB is the only cosmetics company that is exclusively dedicated to brow maintenance.


Billion Dollar Brows

This month, they sent me their Best Sellers Kit to review. It includes a Universal Brow Pencil, Brow Duo Pencil, Smudge Brush, and Brow Gel.

The Universal Brow Pencil is advertised as being universal to any brow color and skin tone. It’s a lighter brown than my brows, but if I color it in lightly it matches perfectly to my skin tone. The spoolie on the other end smooths out the product seamlessly for a more natural look. It’s retractable so it requires no sharpening. Read More…