Fit And Fabulous!

Looking beautiful on the outside is just as important as feeling beautiful on the inside. I’ve been paying more attention to my mind, body, and soul lately. That just means eating healthier, taking care of my body, and getting all the ‘me’ time I think I need. This year, I decided to set monthly goals instead of keeping to a yearly resolution (we all know those things never really work out all year round). For January, I wanted to start working out two days a week and yoga once a week. I have not really been able to get to a yoga class but have been doing intense workouts to make up for it.

It’s been about three weeks since I’ve set these goals for myself. Here’s an update of how I have been doing:

Leg Presses: I started out with 120 pounds for the first week, but now, I am able to do 210 pounds. I feel like it’s the most intense workout because my legs really feel like they’ve been through a beating afterwards. I actually hurt my tailbone last week from lifting too much. I’m being more careful this week because I’m no good at the gym if I’m injured. I’m hoping to max out at 280 pounds, double my weight. 

Biking: Biking is my favorite workout. I started out with 5 miles in 15 minutes, and can do a 5 mile ride in 10 minutes now. My goal is to be able to bike 5 miles in 8 minutes. 

Running: I HATE running. I used to be better on the treadmill but I’ve kind of fallen behind. My numbers are not great but I’m able to do a mile in 12 minutes now. I’m hoping to be able to do a mile in 10 minutes by the end of the month. 

Abs/Core: Did I tell you that my boyfriend has rock hard abs? He has been my trainer lately and I’m so jealous every time we work out together. I definitely look at my abs after every rep to see if my abs have formed yet. It’s kind of laughable, but I just really want a strong core. Oh, and I HATE planks. We’ve been doing a lot of sit-ups and one-minute planks. I’m so sore by the end of it all, but it will all be worth it when my first ab forms! 

I also told you in my previous post that I have decided I wanted to lose some weight as an incentive to push harder in my workouts. I weighed in at 123 then, I am at a healthy 120 pounds now. MY goal is to get to 118, so just two more pounds to go!

Here’s to being fit and fabulous in 2015!

What are your goals this year? Do you have any good workout suggestions you can offer? I’d love to hear them! Tell me in the comments section below. 

Facial Pampering Session With My Beauty Diary

I think we can all agree that the best way to wind down after a crazy work week is to sit back, relax, and do absolutely nothing. On my days off from work, you can find me doing just that…with a face mask on. Lately, I’ve been grabbing My Beauty Diary as my go-to face mask. Yesterday, after a two hour workout at the gym, I came home and went straight to bed with my My Beauty Diary mask. My Beauty Diary specializes in facial masks suitable for various seasons and skin types. They have over 10 different masks targeting every skin concern.

photo 2 (6) copy

photo 1 (8)


I’m currently using their aloe line since I  have normal skin, but deal with a bit of dryness in the wintertime. The mask claims to make your skin “appear optimal moisturizing, comforting, and soothing.” I choose the aloe line because there are also a lot of benefits of incorporating aloe vera extract in your skin care regimen, especially when dealing with dry, dull skin.


  • Cleanse and tone face before applying mask.
  • Put the mask on and leave it for 20 – 30 minutes, then peel off.
  • Massage the excess essence on the face and neck. No rinsing is necessary.
  • Follow-up with your daily moisturizer.

photo (7)I have read that many other people find this mask hard to put on because it tears so easily. Sorry to burst your bubble but you’re doing it wrong. The mask is lined with a piece of paper that you have to rip off and a lot of people who use this mask have been taking it off before applying the mask to their face. The best way to do this without tearing the mask is to place the whole mask on your face and then peel off the outer layer (pictured here). The mask should easily conform to your facial structure, just pressed it down on your skin where you want it to stick. I promise, it works like a charm.

Now, you can have some fun with this mask. I like to annoy my boyfriend by sticking my face up close to his and pretend I’m Michael Myers. Or you can just sit back, relax for 30 minutes and let the mask work it’s magic.

What I love most about this mask is how soft it leaves my skin feeling I really can’t stop touching it every time! And for the first time, my boyfriend agrees! If you follow my blog, you’d know that he’d rather I slather cocoa butter on my face. A bonus is that it smells very light as opposed to some of the other heavily scented face masks I own. Aloe vera generally is not overpowering, so this mask would be suitable for those who are sensitive to smell. I bought these masks at a small shop in Chinatown, but you can find them online at for about $13 for a set of 10 masks.

I love pampering myself with a face mask whenever I can. What face masks are you using? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Not to be Cliche, But ‘New Year, New Me!’ is in Full Effect

I’m so sore today. Why did I do that to myself yesterday? Why did I do all those leg and abs exercises? Ugh. For someone who has not been to the gym in a while (2 months) I really felt like hurling after my workout yesterday. As much as I despise New Year’s resolutions, I think they are necessary if realistic. With each passing year, I’ve always set a goal for myself but it always falls through midyear. This year, in 2015, I’m going to try something new and only do monthly goals. They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so here’s what the next three months will look like for me:

January 2015: This month’s goal is to hit the gym two days a week and yoga once a week. Yesterday was the first day back at the gym. My boyfriend, who is also training me, showed no mercy and I doubt he will go easy on me in any of our future workouts.

February 2015: February is all about eating healthy. I’ve started eating a salad a day, whether it be for my full meal or as a side, but this month will be all about fruits! I never eat enough, so I’m going to start eating an apple and a banana a day. Yum!

March 2015: This month, I think, will be the hardest. No eating out and no takeout. None whatsoever. I spent so much money in 2014 on dinning out and takeout when I could have made my own meal, so this month will be a big change in diet and finances. So just a heads up friends, don’t invite me out, we will be having dinner parties instead! 

For some motivation to tackle this month’s goal, I decided I want to lose 5 pounds. Weighing in at 123 pounds on Friday, January 9, I hope to be at a healthy 118 by February 1st. Hey 2015, let’s do this.

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” – Mark Twain

My Top 5 Beauty Items

Last week, my friends tagged me on a challenge to pick my top 5 beauty items that I can’t live without. My list is not that long, but the number of products that I own has tripled in size ever since I started blogging. Some products have rotated off my dresser, and others have made it into my daily regimen. It’s actually kind of embarrassing because I’m always carrying 3 or 4 makeup bags around since I never know what I will need, and when I will need it. I’m still trying to figure it out, but I do have a couple of products that I absolutely love. Here are the five products that I use on a daily basis…and figuratively speaking, I probably could not live without:


Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub (The Body Shop)

Laser FX Bright Serum (Dr. Brandt)

Prep & Soothe Daily Moisturizer (Clear Clinic)

They’re Real! Mascara (Benefit Cosmetics)

Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus (Burt’s Bees)

When I first started this beauty journey, I was pretty lost about what to try, when to try it, and sometimes, even how to try it. I have not been blogging for very long, but I have one very strict rule that I abide by since I’ve started –  cleansing my face twice a day. For some people, it’s suggested that they only wash their face once a day, in the evening, to prevent dryness. But I have fairly normal skin (holla!) and my skin benefits from two thorough washes a day. Read More…

Coffee Creations with Le Pain Quotidien

It’s been a while since my lips have touched even a drop of coffee. And when I say “a while” I really mean close to 2 years. I’m a journalist (I do have a job outside of blogging), and there are certain stereotypes that people attach to us – one of those stereotypes is our weird affection with coffee. I won’t go into detail but I used to drink about 25 cups of coffee a week. And on Sundays, I had to drink more than 8 cups just to stay awake between 2 shifts. It got pretty bad so I ultimately stopped cold turkey. Surprisingly, it has actually been pretty easy. No one ever forces me to drink coffee. Alcohol, yes. Coffee? Not so much.

IMG_7501This week, I attended a “Pamper & Pick Me Up” event at Le Pain Quotidien and I can’t say wholeheartedly that I will continue this ban against coffee. Coffee is rich with antioxidants, and studies have shown that people who drink it are:

  • less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia
  • have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes

It’s even better for you when it’s organic! So you can see why I couldn’t possibly turn down a cup of freshly IMG_7518brewed coffee from LPQ. That evening, I learned about the many benefits of drinking coffee, made tiramisu (meaning “pick me up” or “lift me up”), and made my own organic coffee masks. I can’t wait to try out this new organic beauty treatment! Read More…