About My Blog & Other Sweet Nothings

The Liebster Award is an opportunity to get to know other blogs and bloggers.  I was nominated by Chelsea Go Brightly  and now it is my turn to answer some of her questions, and nominate 10 other bloggers to join me as well!

 How did you get started in blogging?

It was pretty random. I can’t say that the idea was even mine to begin with. A friend recommended that I start blogging about my experiences since I don’t really wear makeup or have a beauty routine. I took the idea and ran with it.

If you weren’t blogging, what would you be doing?

I’d still be trying new makeup and skincare products! I have a full time job working in the news industry, so my blog is just something I do for fun and as a hobby. After I graduated from college this past May, I was getting bored of having the same routine and becoming predictable. I love that blogging has occupied my free time.

What goal do you have for your blog?

I don’t have one. I like that it’s a hobby right now and not a chore or another job that I need to tend to. I love meeting like-minded bloggers and working with brands. Some people have mentioned that I should start doing videos. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet, but who knows…

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

 I’ve always wanted to be a police officer or an undercover cop. I still do, sometimes. Some people laugh because of what I do for work now, my parents especially. They think it’s absolutely absurd. I don’t really tell anyone anymore, but I secretly think about it from time to time.

What is your favorite beauty/makeup brand?

Laura Geller!

What is your ideal vacation spot?

My boyfriend and I visited Jamaica twice already. I can never get tired of being there. I think we may plan another trip next summer.

What was your favorite blog post you’ve written?

It’s so strange because I have a couple of posts that my boyfriend is featured on and that’s usually when I get the most hits on my site. My favorite one so far is from Thanksgiving. He dared me to go makeup-free for a whole month. People have been following along to see how the challenge has been going for me. Shameless plug: I’m posting an update this week. I’m almost at the halfway mark of this challenge.

What other beauty bloggers do you like to follow?

I follow all sorts of beauty bloggers, people who have been doing it for years and people who are just starting out. I’m still very new to all of this so I like to have a well-rounded network of connections.

How did you decide on your blog name?

I’m a complete newb if you couldn’t tell by now. The name “I Sort of Beauty” is very fitting. I guess I could have went with “A Blog About a Girl Who Knows Nothing About Beauty” would have worked nicely as well. 🙂

What would be one thing you would do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

That’s a tough one because I dive head first into things even when I know that there’s a chance I’ll fail at it.


No Makeup Update: Day 10

I know on day 7 I said everything was going smoothly, but it’s now day 10 of this ‘No Makeup Challenge‘ and I’m getting a bit restless. I’m 33% of the way there but it feels like an eternity away. I’ve been examining my face more closely and I’ve noticed some quirks that I never paid any attention to – like my eyebrows. One is a bit larger than the other and I realized that they have never ever been equal in size. Eyebrows in general are just strange to me. They’re just 2 patches of hair sitting on top of my eyes that serve no purpose. Maybe the Japanese were onto something years ago when they shaved off all their eyebrows. I don’t know. I also have really weird eyelashes. They lack a natural curl that I desire. Instead, they are pin straight and make my eyes look smaller than they actually are. I think this is why I am currently having makeup withdrawals. I love using mascara to open up my eyes and make them pop…even though my boyfriend thinks my eyes look the same with or without it. Mind you, this is the same person who dared me to do this challenge. Boys – they just don’t get it.

photoHere’s my NO MAKEUP: DAY 10 PHOTO

On the upside, my skin is also starting to look a bit better. I had one or two blemishes under my chin before I started this challenge but they are lightening up as the days go by…so that’s a relief. The bags and dark circles under my eyes are also clearing up a bit. With the combination of no makeup, lots of water, and sufficient sleep, I think my face… and body are thanking me.

One of the reasons why I am enjoying this challenge is because it has made me feel better about myself. It’s refreshing to know that I can walk outside and feel comfortable enough in my own skin to not want to cover it up with products. We are most beautiful in our natural state and I embrace that. It’s helping me get through this challenge. But every once in a while, I crack. I’m only human. I’ll see someone in the street with flawless makeup and it’ll make me want to run back home and unload my makeup stash. I just miss the creativeness of being able to try new looks and personalizing each one. I’ve completed 33% of this challenge so far. I’m so close to the finish line.

No Makeup Update: Day 7

It’s been easier than I thought. Not wearing makeup has actually made my mornings better. I thought I would have a difficult time adjusting but it worked quite naturally. I think it has something to do with the fact that I was never really into makeup until my second year of college. In fact, I think that’s when I started to wear any makeup – which is of course an overstatement because it was really just mascara and lip balm. I guess you could say that I was a late bloomer.

photo 1Here’s my NO MAKEUP: DAY 7 PHOTO. My face is a bit swollen because I had my wisdom tooth taken out yesterday. It was so hard to smile! 🙁

My skin has changed a bit since this “No Makeup Challenge” started. I noticed that my skin looks clearer and healthier even without makeup to cover up some of my blemishes. I still have tired-looking eyes in the morning and am trying out some products to brighten and wake-up my eyes. I found that cold water and massaging all around my eyes have helped significantly.

Here are some of the products I am using to help me get through this challenge:

photo (2)– Dr. Brandt’s Laser FX Bright Serum
– ROC Retinol Eye Cream
– Billion Dollar Brow’s Brow Gel
– Galaxy Lash Serum
– Julep Night Shift Mask
– Rejuveniqe by Monat Hair & Skin Oil

I started using InstaNatural’s Youth Express Eye Gel yesterday to counteract the tired eyes issue. I will let you know for my next update how it works!


It’s been easy to not have to put on makeup in the morning, but there are days when I feel so naked without it on. My boyfriend, who also started this challenge, has been super supportive and encouraging. Some days can be challenging, but I have learned that confidence is key. We don’t need makeup to be beautiful.

LAQA & Co. Lip Lubes and Polishes

LAQA & Co. is a New York based beauty company known for their lip lubes and nail polishes. I discovered this chic brand through Birchbox, my monthly subscription box. Last week, I had a chance to try their Fall Fat Lip Pencil Fiver set at an event hosted by Birchbox for it’s Birchbloggers. The set includes five beautiful Fall colors – Siren Song, Toots, Doppelganger, Jammy Bastard, and Shambolic. Siren Song, a gorgeous deep red, is only exclusive to Birchbox. They are designed to conveniently twist so they do not need to be sharpened. The jumbo pencils glide smoothly because of it’s shea butter and vitamin E blend and smells just like peppermint. So delicious!

The packaging for LAQA & Co. is what gravitates me most towards the products. It’s designed by young artists who are just starting out in their career. LAQA & Co. gives these artists a platform to showcase their work, and the artists get a cut of the profit from every product purchased. This season’s artwork presents colorful swirls that seem never-ending. It’s definitely a showstopper.

LAQA & Co. is having an exclusive 40% off sale through Monday. Check it out!

photo 1

photo 5

photo 2

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

Using Makeup to Make Believe

When I think about makeup, I immediately associate it with the way it makes me look and feel. All of the possibilities. It’s really exciting. Green eyeshadow, purple lipstick, blue glitter mascara – not that I would wear all of this at once, but I could if I wanted to. That’s the beauty of makeup. We could wear whatever we want.

photo (2)

William Smolen with bloggers

This week, I discovered a new brand that reflects my beliefs. MAKE inspires women to experiment and use their creativity to try new looks. They are proponents of self-expression and personal beauty. At an event hosted by Birchbox, MAKE’s content and media expert, William Smolen, told 20 eager bloggers all about the brand.

photo (2)


MAKE. WE SEE BEAUTY is a socially conscious company that donates one-third of  it’s sales to support women led cooperative business in America. Their products are smooth, long-lasting, and are made for every day wear. What I love most is that the products can be used to create the simplest look or the most dramatic, depending on what you want.


I’m wearing MAKE’s Matte Lipstick in Jakarta. It’s my new winter lip obsession! The creamy and hydrating formulated product glides on super easy. The pointy rigid edges work great as a lip liner replacement. (Price: $25)


These products are complimentary from MAKE. It includes MAKE’s Calypso Palette with eight different eyeshadow shades, Matte Lipstick in Jakarta, Face Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Molten Shadow in Bronze, and Defining Mascara in Black.

photo 1


MAKE’s Molten Shadow in Bronze is an intense metallic color. It’s super pigmented and goes on very smoothly. I have not tried this product yet but I’m excited to experiment new smoky eye looks with it. (Price: $26)

For me, makeup is not just used to enhance beauty. I think we tend to forget that there we’re all naturally beautiful in our own way. I love that MAKE gives women choices. There are no rules. Just have fun and create looks that are beautiful to you.