Get That Glow With Valentia Organic Rosehip Oil

I have never really incorporated oil into my skincare regimen so I was a bit skeptical to try out Valentia Organic Rosehip Oil for the first time. The serum is a blend of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and fatty acids. Valentia claims that the oil,

 “will restore your skin’s natural balance so as to improve its overall look and texture. Giving you that healthy, glowing and fresh-looking skin you can flaunt.”

This is definitely a product that I swear by! I have been using it for about a month now and my skin is feeling and looking much smoother and softer. I love putting this on right after the shower to lock in all the moisture and keep my face glowing.

CaptureAt first, I was afraid that it would make my skin oily (I have normal skin) or that I would just look greasy. However, I found that it absorbs really well into my skin and leaves it looking radiant. Right now, my skin is blemish-free so I enjoy using this product as a part of my daily regimen to keep my skin looking healthy. I do recommend that if you have issues with acne, to go light on the product. Vitamin C can cause breakouts because it works to draw toxins from your skin. After repeated use, it is supposed to make the blemishes disappear, but I wouldn’t use too much of it at first, just to be safe. I also love that the product can be dispensed with a dropper instead of a pump or a jar. The serum is super easy to work with and the dropper makes it mess-free.

Bonus? It can also be used on hair and nails!

If your face gets a bit dry in the winter time, or you’re looking for a product to keep your face hydrated at night, and glowing during the day, I recommend giving this bad boy a try. Retails for $13.99 on Amazon. 


8 thoughts on “Get That Glow With Valentia Organic Rosehip Oil

  1. Jenn says:

    I find oils can be amazing even on my oily skin! I use an oil instead of a moisturizer at night to replenish my skin. I agree with you that my skin is softer and smoother. I’ve been using the Peter Thomas Roth Vitamin C or the Josie Maran Light oil.

  2. Sammi says:

    I love incorporating oils into my skincare routine, especially in the winter! Right now I’ve been adding a drop of Josie Maran’s Argan Oil into my moisturizer and I think it’s really been great at adding moisture back into my skin. I’ll have to check out this rosehip oil–thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Kristal says:

    I’ve also been a bit skeptical about adding oil to my beauty regime. I’ve tried a few oils but my skin is naturally a bit oily so I never notice any major differences. Since this product can be used in my hair I think I’d want to definitely give it a try. Thanks for the review!

    • isortofbeauty says:

      I was so skeptical as well, but it has been a skincare game changer! I recommend trying it in small doses, adding a bit into your moisturizer. The results are really visible within a week! Thanks for reading. xo

  4. Shaakira Nobles says:

    This oil looks like it would be a great buy but I’m hesitant to try different oils on the market since I have combination skin and I break out easily. One thing I use daily is the Burt’s Bee’s acne post treatment and it has yet to break me out.

    • isortofbeauty says:

      Nice! I love Burt’s Bees products as well. I was hesitant to try any oil products on my face because I thought it would make my face breakout, but it’s been working really well. I think the key is just to find a product that has the ingredients your skin needs, at least you know what works for you 🙂 Thanks for reading! xo

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