Evian Facial Spray – A Nice Pick-Me-Up To Keeping A Refreshed Face

My No Makeup Challenge has come to an end. I braved 38 long days without makeup, and I can’t say that I am sad it’s over. I’m actually really glad I did this because I got a chance to try out new skincare products. One of the products I have been keeping in my bag is Evian Facial Spray. It’s a mineral water facial spray that claims to help hydrate, tone, and soothe all skin types.

I’ve been using this spray daily without makeup and it’s just like a light mist over my serum, face oil, and moisturizer. I know this sounds like a lot of products, but I love packing on moisturizing and hydrating products in the winter to prevent dull, dry skin. According to Evian,

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“The water contained in the spray is tested 300 times per day to insure quality and the consistent unique mineral content—guaranteed to be the same year after year—canister to canister. No other water has the same mineral content. Evian Facial Spray was originally introduced in France in 1962 at the request of doctors for use on burn patients. It was the first facial water spray in France and was introduced as the first facial spray in the United States in 1978.”

To use, I hold the canister about 10 inches away from my face and lightly mist in a circular motion all over my face and neck. It dries in less than a minute!

In addition to skin care, the spray can also be used in every day makeup routine. I use this spray to set my makeup, and then once again throughout the day just to keep my face looking refreshed and hydrated. I love that it doesn’t smear or ruin my makeup look – the mist is super soft and light.

Evian Facial Spray is available in 4 sizes. The 1.7 oz. (50ml) travel-size, retails for $7.00 and is perfect for the purse or small bag. Then there is the 5 oz. (150ml) size,  retails for $12.00. I carry it around but sometimes will just leave it on my work desk if I need it to freshen up my look throughout the day. And finally, there is the economy/professional 10 oz. (300ml) size for the home that retails for $17.50.

All of these prices will be slightly raised on February 1, 2015. For more on Evian Facial Spray, visit http://www.evianspray.com

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6 thoughts on “Evian Facial Spray – A Nice Pick-Me-Up To Keeping A Refreshed Face

  1. Maggie says:

    I love that spray. I’ve been using it for years now, back in the day I used to keep it in my high school gym locker and spray after class to freshen up.

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