No Makeup Update: Day 20 – Putting My Best Face Forward

Just 11 more days to go! I’m not at the finish line yet, but I am feeling proud of how far I’ve gone without makeup. There have been close friends and acquaintances who have asked me “How hard can it be?” Uhm, how hard can it be? Just look at some of the comments from my previous update posts, and see what fellow beauty writers have to say about the #nomakeup challenge. It’s tough, and I don’t think most people (who don’t care for makeup) realize that. For one, it’s not even about wearing makeup because I don’t even wear a lot of it to begin with! It’s about the routine. You know how you get up in the morning and shower and brush your teeth? That’s a routine, and similarly so is the art of putting on makeup. Two, sometimes I just want to minimize my ‘not-so-pretty’ flaws. I know women who will just wear eyeliner or mascara, and they feel like that does something for them. I also know women who feel that wearing a full-face of makeup enhances their look. There are days that I wake up with dark bags or puffy eyes and wish I could reach for my concealer. It’s all about perception, and it’s really all personal. Three, and this is the biggest misconception yet – makeup is for ME. It is not for you. A lot of times, I’m asked who I’m trying to impress or who I’m trying  to look good for when I’m wearing makeup. Let’s be real, confident women don’t need anyone’s approval, just your compliments are welcome *sassy finger snaps*.

photo (4)Here’s My No Makeup Update: Day 20 Selfie

Today is my 20th day without makeup, but it is also the first day I will get to wear makeup again. If you recall from the challenge, my boyfriend and I agreed that out of the 31 days of this makeup-free challenge, I’d be allowed to indulge myself at his office holiday party and mine, and New Year’s Eve. I’m really excited about what I’m going to wear tonight to his office holiday party, and more importantly, what beauty products I’m going to be using! I know I’ve said that makeup is not about impressing anyone, but I will have to be on my A game tonight. I can’t say who he works for, but I can say that I’ll be meeting a man who was possibly the most important man in the United States between 1993 and 2001. I think this calls for a more subtle glam look. We’ll see. I’ll be tweeting and instagramming tonight, so follow along.

Another update to come on day 25. xo

7 thoughts on “No Makeup Update: Day 20 – Putting My Best Face Forward

  1. P-Bubbs (Jenn) says:

    I’ve been keeping up with your challenge, and while I still agree you don’t NEED makeup it is about routine, and about how sometimes it just makes you feel better or gives you a push in your confidence that maybe you wouldn’t have on a particular day so it would be really hard to just go without. Good job for making it so far and good luck on the rest of your journey!

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