The Boyfriend Challenge

I’m thankful for so many things this year. There’s too many to list and I’ve lost count thinking about all of my blessings. Some of the major moments in my life for 2014 so far include: graduating from college, signing a 3 year contract with a network news organization (yay for jobs after college), moving in with my boyfriend, and adopting a Husky-Labrador mix named Batman. Of course, there’s also starting this site from scratch and learning as I go along. I’m leaving a lot out but you get the point… I’m happy.

I couldn’t have started this site alone. In fact, a friend proposed the idea and I just sort of ran with it. Kind of like how I sort of beauty. That’s how the name for this site came to be. My boyfriend is the brains behind my blog posts. Yes I write them, but he reads everything over helps me make them better. Sometimes, he even tells me what I should write about. So this post? This one is his idea. Here it is – NO MAKEUP. No makeup for a month. He says it sounds like a tough challenge, but when we first started dating 5 years ago in college, I never wore any makeup. There’s no arguing with that so I accepted his dare. I mean really, how hard can this be?

photo (2)The Rules: 

– Starting today, no makeup until January 1st. Only skincare products allowed.

– The only days I am allowed to wear makeup is for my company holiday party, his company holiday party, and New Year’s Eve.

– I can still blog about makeup, I just have to remove it right after I put it on.

I’m not sure how I’ll do. Maybe I’ll curl up in a ball and surrender in a week because It’s too hard, or maybe I’ll do just fine because I never really needed makeup, I just really enjoyed playing with it. Either way, we’ll see how this plays out.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! xo

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