My Top 5 Beauty Items

Last week, my friends tagged me on a challenge to pick my top 5 beauty items that I can’t live without. My list is not that long, but the number of products that I own has tripled in size ever since I started blogging. Some products have rotated off my dresser, and others have made it into my daily regimen. It’s actually kind of embarrassing because I’m always carrying 3 or 4 makeup bags around since I never know what I will need, and when I will need it. I’m still trying to figure it out, but I do have a couple of products that I absolutely love. Here are the five products that I use on a daily basis…and figuratively speaking, I probably could not live without:


Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub (The Body Shop)

Laser FX Bright Serum (Dr. Brandt)

Prep & Soothe Daily Moisturizer (Clear Clinic)

They’re Real! Mascara (Benefit Cosmetics)

Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus (Burt’s Bees)

When I first started this beauty journey, I was pretty lost about what to try, when to try it, and sometimes, even how to try it. I have not been blogging for very long, but I have one very strict rule that I abide by since I’ve started –  cleansing my face twice a day. For some people, it’s suggested that they only wash their face once a day, in the evening, to prevent dryness. But I have fairly normal skin (holla!) and my skin benefits from two thorough washes a day.

After using my Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub, I like to pair it up with Dr. Brandt’s Laser FX Bright Serum, and Clear Clinic’s Prep & Soothe Daily Moisturizer. In just two weeks of repeating this regimen, my face looks and feels healthier. In addition to this routine, I also try to drink at least 5 bottles of water a day, and shoot for 8 hours of sleep every night. Proper skin care is only good if include proper lifestyle choices as well. If it’s one thing that I preach and practice, it’s that skin care is so much more important than the makeup you think you need.

With that said, I don’t need it, but I definitely love my They’re Real Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics. It’s the only mascara I own that doesn’t clump or lump my lashes. My eyes and face looks awake with just a single brush of a mascara wand. To finalize my daily look, I always, always, always, wear lip balm. I tend to go for my tinted lip balm in Hibiscus because I love the “just bitten” look it creates. So simple, but really a game changer for me. Every woman knows that no lipstick will look good on chappy lips.

So ladies, those are my top picks. Your move.

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