Good Hair, Do Care

My hair care routine is non-existent. Don’t feel sorry for me or anything, I actually have pretty good hair, or so I’ve been told. My hair is perfectly fine being massaged and washed with Garnier Fructis, and being dried with a towel. I do not own a blow dryer, nor do I have a straightener or hair curler.

Again don’t feel bad for me, I actually have really good hair. At least that’s what my stylist, Logan Jackson, told me.

I met Logan this week at Pierre Michel Salon for a protein hair treatment. Logan is the co-founder of Healthilocks, a company that makes hair products geared towards adding protein to repair the scalp and hair without using harsh chemicals. Even though he said my hair was pretty healthy, one of the first things he noticed was how brittle and dried out my ends were. I told him I tried to box color my hair at one point (because I was “experimenting”) and I got so attached to my fake ombre and just wanted to keep it…even though it never looked quite right. It’ was a strange brown and red tint, and I’ve been rocking it for almost a year now. Instead of trimming it all off, we agreed to add a gloss to lighten up and neutralize the color of my ends. The gloss also helps to add shine.

photo 2Afterwards, Logan used a Healthilocks PlexProteinTM serum treatment to add protein into my damp hair. He then combed through sections of my the hair and curled it with a flat iron. According to Laura Buchanan at Healthilocks, this process:

“heats the PlexProtein and hair just enough so the PlexProtein strongly bonds to each hair.  However, this is not a “straightener” or “smoothing” treatment that eliminates curl, so we are making the texture the best it can be.”

She also adds that what makes this product unique is that there really isn’t anything on the market quite like it.

As far as we know, no one is doing what Healthilocks is doing with our protein products. This is a scientific breakthrough, which is why we have a patent pending on this innovation.  Other companies try to add protein/keratin to hair, but all of the products that we have reviewed use some sort of chemical (or an ingredient that turns into something bad when heated) in the process that is not good for hair, people or the planet.

I left the salon with my hair feeling much fuller and smoother. I also left with 3 Healthilocks products: a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner that I’ll be using for the next 12 weeks to keep my hair this way.

Here are two tips from Logan that he stressed during my appointment. Ladies, don’t use box formula. Logan says “You’re better off shaving off all of your hair if you’re going to box color. The formula that they produce may not be for your hair type because it’s generic and is made to hopefully work for all hair types. It could be a hit or miss.It all depends on your hair type. Go to your stylist or a professional so they can make a formula fit for your hair type.” He also said that DIY methods are good, but they are far from great. “Do it yourself methods work, but only for the time being. Sure, the avocado, egg, and oil is going to make your hair silkier and smoother, but that’s only putting a band-aid on the issue. What you really need to do is add protein back into the hair. What’s great about ProteinPlex is that it does this without ruining your hair.”

I can’t wait to update you all on my hair progress 12 weeks from now when my Healthilocks hair treatment is completed!

Healthilocks had an Industrial Hygiene expert perform an air quality assessment during application, and the expert confirmed that Healthilocks was safe and that air quality levels were better than OSHA regulated guidelines. (HEALTHILOCKS)


10 thoughts on “Good Hair, Do Care

  1. melissa says:

    Looks so shiny and luscious!
    So funny! The stylist who dyed my hair said box color is horrible and not good for anyone’s hair. And now I have to listen to her go on and on about how bad my hair looked before my new ginger locks with her “skills”. LOL Needless to say that I love my salon dyed hair, and yours looks as equally amazing with your skills or this stylist touch.

    • isortofbeauty says:

      Thanks so much! I kind of regret box coloring my hair. It didn’t come out like the woman on the box at all lol. Happy to hear you’re loving your salon dye job. With my skills and Logan’s touch, I’m happy with mine as well :-). xo

  2. Larissa says:

    How have the take home products been working for you? Is the leave in especially good? Are they better than other hair products out there?

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